graphic & fine artist
Born to be creative.
For as long as I can remember, creating has been my passion. I love to make visuals of the messages found in God's creation as well as the messages others wish to relay.

At the early age of four I was asking for blank paper to draw and paint my own pictures...I found colouring books limiting. In elementary school, I excelled at art, and looked forward to art classes where we would create anything from stained glass (out of tissue paper) to Ukrainian Easter eggs. In Junior and Senior High I took every single art class I could knowing that would be my major in life, and was awarded with medals and scholarships each year. The summer camps I enjoyed were the ones that centered around art and creativity. Mom & dad enrolled me in artistic extra curricular programs to help develop this passion in me, encouraging me every step of the way.

In college I focused on visual communications — desktop publishing and design — and took that with me into the print industry beginning in 1999. While working for a print company, I learned the process from imagesetting and plate-making to design. I moved on to newspaper where I expanded my creative horizons through effective ads, following which I ventured out on my own as a freelance artist. As a freelance artist, my style has evolved, and I've learned a lot about designing various projects from business cards to multi-page and interactive documents. I have also learned the digital printing process and know what's required for any print company to reproduce all projects.

When I'm not creating visual messages on the computer, I've got a paint brush in my hand and a paint palette in the other. I love to paint with acrylics, water colour and ink, and recently I've incorporated papers into my paintings to create multi-media masterpieces. With my fine art, I am most inspired by the beauty that God created in nature. I love painting everything from sea life to the birds of the air ... if God created it, it speaks to me in profound ways, and I just have to portray it using the abilities He blessed me with.